Important Update: the location of Auditions has changed, we are looking forward to seeing you at Melbourne City Dance Center on June 2nd! For Schedule of Auditions please click HERE.

Melbourne City Ballet Theatre is excited to announce Open Live Auditions for ballet dancers of ages 3 to Adult  for The Swan Lake production, on Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 1:00pm at Melbourne City Dance Center! All ballet dancers from all over Brevard's dance studios are encouraged to audition!

Melbourne City Ballet Theatre's production of Swan Lake in collaboration with the National Ballet Theatre of Odessa and Satellite Symphonic Orchestra is an incredible opportunity for local dancers to experience a professional production that will be seen by thousands of people this holiday season.

Melbourne City Ballet Theatre's Open Live Auditions:

When:  Sunday, June 2nd from 1:00 pm to 5:00pm.  

Candidates should plan to arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of audition to check in.  Plan plenty of time for parking.  Please be available to stay for the next audition or call back, if asked. The doors to the dance building will open at 1:00 p.m.

Registration:  An audition form will be required at registration.  You can download the audition form here.  They will also available at the audition.  

Where:  Melbourne City Dance Center

1600 Sarno Rd units 106-107 Melbourne, FL 32935

Audition Roles: 

  • Party Scene kids & little swans (Ages 5-10, boys & girls) Dance experience required;

  • Russian Dance (Ages 8-12, boys & girls) Dance experience required;

  • Neapolitan Dance (Ages 12+, boys & girls) Dance experience required;

  • Little Swans (Ages 14+, Girls Only) Minimum of two years of pointe work required;

  • Big Swans (Ages 14+, Girls Only)  Minimum of two years of pointe work required;

  • Corp De Ballet (Ages 14+, Girls Only)  Minimum of two years of pointe work required;

  • Courtiers (Adults: male & female) Dance experience is NOT necessary.​

Special Audition Call for dancers ages 3-5:

It is a once in a life-time opportunity for the youngest dancers to be a part of the Swan Lake ballet production 2019! 

Dancers who are selected to the Little Swans Division will:

🌟Perform with MCBT Swan Lake cast at all promotional Events during the fall 2019 season.
🌟Perform with the Little Swans Showcase at the King Center for the Performing Arts Lobby during the Swan Lake ballet intermission December 27-28, 2019.

🌟Receive complimentary ticket to watch the Swan Lake ballet with the participation of National Ballet Theatre of Odessa and Satellite Symphonic Orchestra live at the King Center for the Performing Arts for December 27-28, 2019.
🌟Receive a Scholarship of one class a week for one month at Melbourne City Dance Center (The offer is valid from September 2nd to December 30th, 2019). 

Audition Schedule can be downloaded HERE.

Audition Process:

Dancers DO NOT need to prepare audition material. The audition material is based on general classical dance technique, skills, and choreographic style for roles requiring dance skills.   Younger students must be able to follow directions well and be able to participate in the entire duration of the audition process without parental presence or involvement.


Required Attire:

Girls: Leotard, ballet tights, well-fitted ballet slippers/or point shoes, hair swept up and back off face and in bun. Boys: white t-shirt, black tights/shorts, well-fitted ballet slippers.

Application Forms & Fees:

A non refundable audition fee of $20 may be paid in cash or check and is due at the time of audition along with the audition form. Please note: Turning in the completed form and audition fee does not guarantee acceptance as a cast member, it only guarantees the opportunity to audition. No one will be allowed to audition without completed forms.

Cast Member Acceptance & Role Announcement:

Those chosen for the cast will be notified by email within one week of the audition, however exact role announcement will take several rehearsals especially for advanced roles.

What to know: 

This will be a full length Ballet in Two Acts with One Intermission. The full-scale production, set to the music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky and based on folklore and legend, follows a heroic young prince as he works to free the beautiful swan maiden from an evil spell. 

The Legendary National Ballet Theatre of Odessa with 55 of the most talented and bright Ukrainian ballet stars along with the amazing Melbourne City Ballet Theatre performers and Satellite Symphony Orchestra musicians will bring this romantic tale of true love to glorious life!

Being selected as a cast member is an honor and a privilege. Those selected will have the  opportunity to learn from our esteemed Artistic Directors, Artem Yachmennikov and Ekaterina Vaganova-Yachmennikova, to share the stage with professional ballet artists from National Ballet Theatre of Odessa, to perform to live orchestra music, and wear exquisite costumes.


The Swan Lake performances will be held on Friday, December 27th and Saturday, December 28th, 2019 at the Maxwell King Center for the Performing Arts in Melbourne, Florida.

Because our open auditions allow parents, teachers, and owners to observe the process, you will be able to see how well your dancers listen to instructions and enjoy watching them perform. The open audition format also gives parents an opportunity to watch our esteemed Artistic Directors, Artem Yachmennnikov and Ekaterina Vaganova-Yachmennikova as they work with your young artists in training. 

Rehearsals & Parent/Participant Obligations:  Rehearsals will begin in September and schedules for selected participants will be delivered with acceptance notices. Participants are expected to be available for all scheduled rehearsals and additional technical week rehearsals in December. Additional information covering detailed obligations and schedules will be available at auditions.

Please e-mail with any further questions regarding The Sleeping Beauty auditions.

Video Auditions:

Video Audition Submission Instructions


Melbourne City Ballet Theatre's Artistic Director welcomes dancers who are unable to attend the live audition to submit a video audition instead.


The deadline for video auditions is Thursday, August, 1st  2019.


Dancers will be notified of their audition results once the live auditions have been completed and initial casting decisions have been made. Please be aware that submitting an audition video and payment for review does not guarantee acceptance to the cast.


A video audition review fee of $35.00 can be paid by check made to "Melbourne City Ballet Theatre" and mailed at 1600 Sarno Rd., unit 106 Melbourne, FL 32935. ​​​


Your video submission will not be reviewed without a complete registration form and audition payment.


Submit a video upload (via YouTube, Vimeo, MediaFire, or other video link) and enter the hyperlink in the audition registration form. Video should be no longer than 10 minutes, with the student’s head and feet showing at all times. The camera must be centered and perpendicular to the barre. Videos must be submitted with the following subject line: "Dancer Video Audition 'Dancer's Name". You should receive a response indicating that your video was received and your payment recorded within 2 to 3 business days.


Video links with completed audition forms must be submitted via e mail to:


Age Group Dancer video audition requirements:


5 to 7 Years Old: The young dancer should introduce themselves by name. Ask them to touch their toes, then stand up tall. Ask them to raise their hands over their head, then put their hands on their hips. Ask them to raise up to their tip toes, then stomp their feet. Ask them to jump using both feet, then ask them to hop on one foot if they are able to. Ask them to curtsy or bow as appropriate. They may improvise a short dance less than one minute if capable.


8 to 12 Years Old: The beginner dancer should introduce themselves by name. They should demonstrate first position, second position and fifth position. Next first position plie' and releve'. Ask them to perform arabesque to either side. Demonstrate passe either side. One clean pirouette to both sides if possible.


8 to 13 Years Old: The intermediate dancer should demonstrate all skills referenced under the 6 to 12 years old dancer plus tendu from fifth position to the front, to the side, and to the back each leg; grande battement from fifth position to the front, to the side, to the rear both legs. A combination consisting of saut de chat into fifth position, followed by glissade saut de chat followed by a brief improvisation no more than one minute long.


12 Years + Old With Less Than Two Years Pointe Study: The upper level intermediate dancer should demonstrate everything listed from the 6 to 12 and 7 to 13 years old instructions as well as turns a la seconde to either side if possible and two clean pirouettes as well as up to one minute of classical ballet improvisation.


13 Years + Old With Minimum Two Years Pointe Study: Short barre work including plie, battement tendu, adagio, grand battement to both sides. Center work including adagio, turning combination, petite and grand allegro. Pointe work include echappe, releve' and passe' as well as ability appropriate turns to either side. And a less than one minute of classical ballet improvisation on pointe.


Please call 321-425-0111 if you do not receive a confirmation email after 3 business days have passed. Video audition participants are strongly encouraged to submit their work at least 3 business days before the August, 1st deadline.

Thank You,

Melbourne City Ballet Theatre.

(321) 425-0111


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